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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Real Reason Aid has been Withheld in Malawi

An article appears on today's Face of Malawi website which claims that the real reason aid is being withheld from Malawi is due to the economic recession and is being done so under cover of governance and democracy issues. Ireland even gets a mention in the process. While I dont agree with most of the tenor of the article I found the final paragraph interesting from a Human Rights perspective. It states:

"Another point is that western countries are two faced; they say Bingu is a dictator and violates human rights, yet they tolerate regimes like Saudi Arabia, Israel, who are by far the two biggest human rights violators on the globe. The reason they do this is because Saudi Arabia has oil, and Jews have a large share in the U.S economy and have very influential roles in society, while Malawi is just a poor country with very little valuable resources, if they withhold aid they lose nothing.

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