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Friday, August 26, 2011

Mediation process starts with a bang

On the opening day of the UN backed Mediation process the President decided to ignore recommendations of the Mediators that government and civil society leaders refrain from public discussion on contentious issues and said the following:
I have instituted a committee on dialogue but you are saying no. What the hell do you want? If you are not ready for the talks, make your position known. Inform me of the day that we can start war
He followed that up with:
Let this country go on fire if you want but enough is enough, I cannot tolerate this anymore... the fact that my government is not responding does not mean it cannot react. I can arrest all those misbehaving. I am quiet because I believe in democracy. I am saddened that when some people are drunk, fe nfe nfe they are going about talking nonsense...

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