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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Embassy Advisory Note

Hello all,

As you may be aware, it is expected that renewed demonstrations will occur in all major urban centres in Malawi on Wednesday, 17 August. These demonstrations are planned to last for 48 hours. As occurred with the events of 20/21 July last, a very real possibility exists that the upcoming demonstrations could evolve into a situation of civil unrest which may present a threat to the safety of persons in their vicinity; as well as the possibility of seeing a resurgence of looting/rioting. A strong police, and possibly military, presence is anticipated over the period.

It should be noted that the Embassy received no reports of any Irish or European persons being subject to violence, threats, or similar conduct arising from the events of 20/21 July – and has not learned anything to suggest that this may change for any upcoming events. Nonetheless, the Embassy would consider it advisable for citizens to exercise caution, remain vigilant and avoid large gatherings and demonstrations where possible. Keeping informed of events and developments through local media and otherwise may assist in assessing the local security situation.

Should any persons become aware of significant developments arising from the demonstrations that may be of assistance in advising other Irish citizens in Malawi, please feel free to pass along such information to the Embassy.

Please also be aware that should you need to update your details (change of address, phone number, emergency contact etc.) with the Embassy, or are aware of Irish nationals in country who may wish to register with the Embassy, this can be done through our online registration system.

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