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Monday, July 18, 2011

What is the Irish Rule of Law Project?

Pamodzi Promoting Rule of Law is a joint initiative of the Law Society of Ireland and the Bar Council of Ireland, dedicated to promoting the Rule of Law in developing countries. Pamodzi is committed to the implementation of Rule of Law as a means of tackling global injustice and empowering all people to live in a society free from inequality, corruption and conflict.The Malawi project came to being in 2008 when Paula Jennings, Solicitor, was told by Irish Aid staff in Malawi about the appalling conditions in national prisons.  Paula was given contact details for Clifford Msiska of the Paralegal Advisory Service Institute (PASI).  Mr Msiska identified the areas of greatest need and confirmed that there had been no intervention as that proposed by the Rule of Law Malawi project.  The project has attracted vibrant and concerned lawyers, both barristers and solicitors. Being self-funded thus far, the committee has done extensive fundraising for the project. The project has sent teams of Irish lawyers to Malawi on a rolling short term basis to work with PASI and the Legal Aid Department of Malawi. These teams endeavor to bring about improved court service systems, progress case flow management, provide training and lobby local government. The project has also just sent three volunteer Irish legal experts to work on a long term basis in Malawi. It is hoped that this will provide continuity and co-ordination to the volunteering programme and assist PASI, the DPP and the Legal Aid Department with its work. 

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This project is Irish Aid funded