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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Generation Hope – A Poetry Anthology By Young Malawian Writers

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across the Lilongwe Cultural Festival which provided an opportunity for artists, playwrights and poets to showcase their work to the public. It was at the festival that I came across a publication call ‘Generation Hope’. This publication serves as a platform to allow young Malawians voice their views on the current challenges and opportunities facing them.

There is one poem in particular that I wanted to share with the readers of our blog as it reasonates quite strongly with our project, ‘Access to Criminal Justice’. The poem is called ‘Decades to Come’ and was written by Boniface Wizilamu. Like the poet we believe that there is hope for Malawi that solutions can be found, obtacles overcome. What is required is patience, time and perseverence.

by Boniface Wizilamu

Dry your tears, Mother Malawi
weep not again
for your glory is about to retain
face your eyes to the east
and expect not a beast
but a peep of the sun
struggling to rise above the mountain
whose shadow has masked your beauty
to deny you a chance to sparkle
like a pistol, the brightest star
in the sky that twinkles
now a dwelling den, for crooks and con artists
worry not then, watch until it fully shines
and uncover the beauty that is truly fine
Question not this prophecy
a true vision it is, not a fallacy
that warm heart shall give birth to peace
that treasure hidden within,
shall unlock the ingress of prosperity.
Together we shall turn a new leaf
of oneness and friendliness
and the willingness to work as a team
even in times when the chances
of survival seem slim
that’s your destiny, Mother Malawi
mark my words, it’s just in a few
decades to come.
By Eithne Lynch

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